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The ONIRIA Trilogy


Script & art by Ferran Xalabarder.

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Printed book. FOR ADULTS ONLY. English version. Hard cover (album format: 9,213 x 12,165 inches / 23,4 x 30,9 cm). 68 pages, full color. ISBN: 978-84-697-3234-2.

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Signed by Ferran Xalabarder.

Printed book. FOR ADULTS ONLY. English version. Hard cover (album format: 9,213 x 12,165 inches / 23,4 x 30,9 cm). 68 pages, full color. ISBN: 978-84-697-3234-2

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"...I tell you, I swear, here, next-door, there is this oneiric realm outside time & space, a void in-between braincells, an insane dimension where everything’s possible and nothing makes sense, a realm called Oniria where Mr. Sandman doesn’t dare."

Amanda Honeyland
THE ONIRIA TRILOGY, a comic-book fantasy saga.

The ONIRIA saga is a four books trilogy; Oniria: Genesis, Oniria: Revelations & Oniria: Apocalypse. Yes, a trilogy in four books is not very usual, but I have to recognize that the Apocalypses issue was too long as to fit in one single regular volume.

Everything started in a collection of short stories that I illustrated & wrote during the last years. Some of those stories were published a while back at the Heavy Metal Magazine. I have plenty of material that has never been published yet, so the idea is to put all the stories together, in chronological order, corrected, amplified, remastered and print them in a four books collection.

Only in the first book there are 19 pages never published before and a fistful of new panels in the published ones.

You can already enjoy the first book with which ignites the saga. Right now, “ONIRIA; GENESIS” is a full printed reality.


It’s important to know that this is not a comic for children, this is a comic oriented only for very open minded adult readers.

In short, the story has a little bit of everything, a little bit of everything that dreams are made of… but it’s mainly an adventure, an odyssey of two very different women with a troubled past into an oneiric fantasy realm. It’s nonsense and silly sometimes, like dreams use to be, but it also has some profound stuff. Under the fun and fantasy layers, there is some very serious stuff going on…

Here you can read some sort of a synopsis to know a little more about everything:

At the early stages of 2013, a massive polar flip changed the world we know forever, creating an alternative future, a parallel reality. From the ashes of that world emerged a fanciful system called Utopia. And that’s where the story begins…

The ONIRIA saga tells the tale of two completely different women, two Utopian citizens, Amanda Honeyland and Ms Frosy who, abducted by a mysterious entity, are fused together in a single body to embark, against their will, upon the most hallucinating adventure of their lives inside a bizarre oneiric realm. They’ll soon realize that Oniria is the name of that “place”, a colorful void out of time & space, where all dreams and nightmares interlock to create a liquid and crazy world where everything is possible and nothing makes sense. A world full of a little bit of everything that dreams are made of. An outlandish kingdom populated by its own particular creatures and entities. An insane domain where “Gods” use to play their twisted mind games…

Step by step, madness after madness, Amy & Ms Frosy will deeply sink into that screwy realm, and, enslaved by a weird oneiric creature as they are, they will try to adapt the best they can to their new shocking environment and condition, while dealing at the same time with the most hidden traumas of their own.

It won’t take too long for them to discover that they are merely toys in hands of superior forces…
It’s a 68 full colored pages book. Printed on quality paper, hard covers, and with a French album size (9,213 x 12,165 inches / 23,4 x 30,9 cm). The perfect size, big enough as to enjoy the illustrations to the max.

The pages were realized with a combination of hand painted artwork and computer finishing.

If you want to read a different and longer presentation, you can find the one that Amanda Honeyland, my muse, did here: https://amandahoneyland.wordpress.com/?p=964

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, fantasy lovers!

Ferran Xalabarder.
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